Michael Schultz 


Michael is a co-founder of Aclaimant, and responsible for sales, partnerships, and strategy.

Michael is also currently the President of INCA Holdings d/b/a American Staffing Assurance Company. ASAC is an insurance captive dedicated to serving the Staffing Industry. He is a major shareholder, member of the Board of Directors and active manager and team leader in the workers compensation claims administration and adjudication division.

In addition to his duties and responsibilities to ASAC and Aclaimant, Michael is an experienced sales and marketing professional with over 35 years of retail production in insurance and financial services. He continues to build his reputation through an uncompromising commitment to deliver a service irrespective of whether a product is sold.

He is in good standing with the State of Michigan and Federal Regulatory Agencies as a licensed life, health, accident and property/casualty agent.

Why Did You Found Aclaimant?

It was lessons learned from a prior business that provided me with the motivation and inspiration to build a team of professionals that would refuse to accept the status quo.

The Best Part of Working at Aclaimant Is?

The best part of being at Aclaimant is how we continually look to innovate our product by listening to our clients.

If you were stranded on a desert island, and could only bring three items, what would you bring?

Three Things:

  1. Dictionary

  2. Swiss Army Knife

  3. Flint

  4. If possible, I would love to be able to have the professor (Gilligan's Island) on speed dial


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