Andrew Thiermann

Director of Customer success

Why Did You Join Aclaimant?

I was impressed by the amazing progress that has been achieved with the tight-knit team. And I'm excited to help drive our customers' success as we continue to grow.

What Did You Do Before Aclaimant?

I've spent the last 15 years in the Chicago tech community at Fieldglass and Catalytic focused on solving customer challenges and building lasting customer relationships

The Best Part of Being at Aclaimant Is...

Working with a fantastic team to improve our user's day to day lives through increased visibility, ease of use, and decreased risk. It's also hugely motivating to hear about how we're having a direct impact on their success and ability to grow.

Stranded on a Desert Island, What 3 Items Would You Want With You?

A device with my spotify library on it, cast iron skillet and my wife


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