Aclaimant is the perfect solution for every business looking to reduce the cost of risk in their business.


Staffing Firms

"...Aclaimant makes possible a "no excuses" environment: it removes obstacles to prompt claim reporting...we foresee a future where the best insureds seek out Aclaimant not because it is a recommended or mandated by an insurance company, but because it is aligned with the interest and philosophy of best-in-class employer."

-Gary Pearce,
Chief Compliance Officer, Kelly Services

Elder Care, Nursing Homes, and Assisted Living Facilities

"We needed an incident management system that was mobile, like our workforce. Aclaimant helped us improve reporting times and significantly reduce our incident and claim workload!"

-Stephen Greenwald,
Chief Compliance Officer, ComForCare Franchise


SMBs and Municipalities

For any business or municipality that has employees in multiple locations, in transit, or that are active throughout the day, Aclaimant streamlines, simplifies, and improves the incident management process for your business.  Learn more about how Aclaimant can help you through the link below.

Insurance Brokers and Agents

Aclaimant works with brokers, big and small, to help them provide an extra layer of service for their clients.  We help brokers reduce their internal workload, while helping their clients to feel more comfortable and secure when something goes wrong at the workplace.  

Ask us about our Broker solutions to learn more about how we are able to supplement claims kits and claim departments to bring innovative solutions to free up your staff to grow your business!

Carriers and TPAs

Aclaimant helps carriers and TPAs extend their offering to the origination of every incident.  We help carriers and TPAs get more, better information more quickly. We help Carriers and TPAs drive better outcomes for their clients and improve the policyholder experience, by providing a simpler way to navigate through the incident management process.

The results?  Happier clients that are more actively involved in the claims process, who have less costly claims.  What carrier or TPA doesn't want that?