We have developed a platform to engage the employee, employer, and insurance carrier in making workplace incidents everyone’s responsibility.

Did you know that businesses that actively manage workplace incidents with aclaimant can reduce their business insurance costs by up to 40%?


The aclaimant system comes with three great tools that are easy to use in
reporting and resolving workplace incidents.

Mobile App

Report any type of work place incident at your organization in real time

Web Portal

Manage incident information and coordinate with relevant parties from your personalized company dashboard



A personalized incident hotline to allow faster reporting from anywhere in your organization.


Report any kind of incident that happens in
your organization with aclaimant.

Use your personalized company dashboard to track
users, incidents, and reports active in the system.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 4.51.11 PM.png

Capture actionable information to expedite the incident resolution process.

Avoid unnecessary claims and litigation costs by eliminating the need to chase information.

Customize your incident reporting line to be personalized for your company's specific processes and needs.

Establish a culture of trust by providing aclaimant’s tools of engagement for every employee in your organization.

Nothing happens until an incident is reported; and nothing good happens when an incident is reported late.

Studies from the Hartford and NCCI found that lag time reporting increases claim costs:

·       Loss costs for claims reported one week late were 8% higher, and 37% higher after one month.

·       A claim is 3x more likely to be litigated if reported 1 month late.

·       Penalties can also be levied for delayed injury reporting in some states.

Glen Roberts-Pitruzzello, the High Cost of Delays: Findings on a. Lag-Time Study, Summer 2000 Issues Report, the Hartford Financial. Services Group

Report Lag and Claim Severity, Barry Lipton, FCAS, MAAA, Practice Leader and Senior Actuary, NCCI May 14, 2015


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